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The WorldTree is based on the SILVA SSU rRNA Database (Release 123). The locations of reference sequences were determined with MDS using the smacof package in R and interpolated with DA-MDS using phylogenetic distances calculated in mothur. Elevation is scaled to the number of sequences in the SILVA reference tree at each taxonomic level. The globe is visualized with Cesium. Please direct questions and issues to the Github repo.

Click the globe once to stop it from rotating. Click twice to resume.

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Sample Display

Available Datasets:

To add your own samples, drag and drop a tax.summary file from mothur anywhere on the map. Ideally this file was processed using the same SILVA reference alignment as the WorldTree. This file is processed on your computer and is not uploaded. On the resulting page, click the names of the samples you want to compare. Relative abundance is shown scaled to the area of the points.

To add the results from a krona analysis, drag the krona graph .html file onto the map, or paste the URL of the krona graph .html file below:

More Information

Created by Eric Collins in the Cryomics Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with funding from the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research for the project Mapping the Uncharted Diversity of Arctic Marine Microbes.